Renewear Drop Shop

A Sustainable Pop-Up Shop Experience

December 9th - 10th 2017

The Founders Lab, Brooklyn

450-500 attendees

Organized by LIO member, Katelin Collier, Renewear began with a goal to educate consumers on the resource-intensive production of the fast fashion industry. This idea evolved into an exploration on how to cultivate a community of shoppers that form stronger relationships with their clothing. The "Drop Shop" was a weekend-long event produced by Renewear as an experiment in sustainable marketplaces and new retail experiences.


CUSTOMIZATION - The Drop Shop included an alterations station for shoppers to personalize their goods immediately after purchasing. This station was an experiment in accessible customization and was actively utilized by customers throughout the event. 

COLLABORATION - Six local vendors participated in shop-in-shops inside of the Renewear pop up, including a party hosted by local artists the night of December 9th. These collaborations drove significant foot traffic and the highest sales were achieved during the art party, after 9pm on Saturday night. 

EXPERIENCES - Customers spent extended periods of time exploring the different elements of the Drop Shop, shopping, chatting with friends, hanging out in the lounge, and enjoying the bar that opened at 5pm each day. The longer customers spent in the retail space, the more likely they were to make a purchase. 

SUSTAINABILITY - Each of the second-hand garments was marked with plantable tags listing facts about production methods in fast fashion. These tags helped build awareness around the true cost of each garment, and elevated the value of the re-use element of sustainable practices.