LIO is an unprecedented program where innovative new leaders are empowered to reinvent the fashion, retail, and lifestyle industries.

For one year, recent university graduates are brought together in New York City to develop the next wave of strategies, business models, and creative solutions that will define the future.

LIO is based inside of Centric Brands, a leading lifestyle brands collective.





LIO is a self-driven program, full of self-motivated individuals with the courage and grit to work through the challenges that come with bringing ideas to life. In LIO, we don’t have a boss. Instead, we have a coach who works through challenges with us and helps hold our work to a high standard, but it’s up to us to set the agenda.



Each LIO class is composed of team members from a wide range of backgrounds and skillsets that balance and bring perspective to our work. Every project will need the feedback and support of other team members in order to grow and be successful. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.



Every LIO member is committed to growing both as individuals and as teammates. The rigor of the program, supportive environment, access to industry experts, and educational opportunities make it impossible to leave LIO at the end of the year without having faced and overcome personal fears, limitations, and comfort zones.



At LIO, we come to work to make a difference. As a unique start-up environment with the backing of a global licensing powerhouse, the innovations we propose have the opportunity to actually change the world. This chance at making positive change is what keeps all of us going.